We have experience in solving domestic, commercial and industrial odour complaints and have clients across all industries. Usually, a persistent smell of sewage in your bathroom or kitchen is due to either a blockage in your drain system or a damaged pipe which is diffusing the smell of its contents into your home or business. 

CCTV Drain Inspection

Our state-of-the-art CCTV Drain Inspection Cameras can give us a view of the interior of your drains system. This can enable us to see any ruptures in the drainage system which may be allowing foul-smelling to leak out of the drains and into your property. 

Smoke Testing

In cases where our CCTV equipment cannot fit or navigate through every possible source of odour leakage, we use a Smoke Testing Machine. This is a specialised machine which pumps non-toxic coloured smoke through your drainage channels. As the smoke is carried with the airflow in your drains, the smoke will escape in the same place as the odour. We can then devise a plan to make the necessary repairs.