Drain Repairs Dublin

From replacing a gully or manhole cover to replacing your entire drainage system, no job is too big or too small. With damaged pipes, it’s always better to identify the problem sooner rather than later. This is why we always recommend regular drainage maintenance so our team can foresee issues before they have the chance to arise as much more expensive drain repair situations.  

No-Dig Drain Repairs

We use no-dig methods in order to repair your drains with minimal interruptions to your home, business or property. 

Depending on the scale of the damage, we will choose either a patch repair or a re-lining repair

A patch repair consists of firstly cleaning the drains with our High Pressure Water Jets, then locating the fault using our CCTV Drain Inspection Camera Equipment which gives us a view of the interior of your drainage system without any need for excavation. We then attach a fibre glass patch to the interior of the pipe to repair the damage.

Where a patch repair will not suffice, we do a re-lining repair.  This is where we insert a liner into the pipe to reinforce its interior.  

Excavation Drain Repairs

In some cases, no-dig drain repairs are not feasible. This is usually because the drainage system has collapsed in parts, or altogether. Collapsed pipes can cause serious structural damage to your home as water continues to leak out over time. We always endeavour to cause minimal disruption to your home, business or property, so if excavation is necessary, it will be carried out in a timely and tidy way.